Social Media Monitoring


“We had it all covered, with handles on almost all the major social networking sites.
We had tapped into the social framework and embedded ourselves in
the networking framework such that we were gaining large amounts of traffic.”
“But then, one day it all fell apart. Our traffic stats descended into the lower limits and it was complete chaos while juggling all
the conversations on different social media handles.”
“We just could not cohesively manage the different conversational patterns on each social media handle, owing to which we either basked in glory on one social network, while were in complete social blindness on another.”
“That is when we realized the importance of social media monitoring for the first.”

One of the biggest mistakes that most upcoming blogs, companies and brands make while considering social media promotions is not related to the promotional content itself; it is rather related to the management of each handle in a separate as well as a cohesive manner. Most of the times, the companies or brands in question are not able to manage their social media presence on various platforms at the same owing to the lack of tool/tools to manage the entire flow of social conversations on different platforms at a single place in a streamlined fashion.

We, at Peppyads Digital Marketing, Dubai understand the importance of social media monitoring owing to the immense importance that it has in the management of the overall social media presence of a brand, company or blog as a whole. We use different tools in order to help your company or blog to effectively manage your social media presence across various social networking platforms by collecting and analyzing data which actually matters in order to extend the inherent potential of your business, company or blog.

    • We use Social Mention in order to pinpoint the mentions that your blog or brand has had over different social media networks. This helps in understanding the inherent strengths as well as the major attributes that would be beneficial for your social entity.
    • We use Google Analytics in order to monitor the stats on your blog or company landing pages, such as number of page views, conversions, new entrants and so on.
    • We use Hootsuite in order to ensure that the data from major social media platforms are available at one place, with streams from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all available simultaneously.