SEO for Charity Organizations

“Web migration is no more as easy as it used to be. The whole process itself is hectic and now the penalty.”
“I have so many doubts. I don’t know if I will ever get the same results I got on this website, after web migration.”
“I am sure the traffic will decline after I shift this website.”
“There’s so much to do, I have other priorities. Web migration will take away a lot of time.”

Migrating a new website (or piece of website) needs careful consideration and planning. Quite arguably, it is the greatest risk in a modern website project and one that needs focus across the gamut of web skills. With SEO and other elements at stake it becomes difficult. Above are few types of queries peppy ads  has effortlessly resolved earlier with our easy to follow strategies. We are right here to assist you from the time you make up your mind till the time you execute the plan and even after that. We’ll make sure you fulfil your goals and continue to progress overall.

The basic steps include:

  • Establishing objectives, efforts and process
  • Taking care of the actions on the legacy site
  • Measuring the progress of the website and setting targets
  • Testing the new site
  • Update on required information
  • Measure progress